In 10 jam-packed sessions, we take our clients through the process of self discovery and empowerment. This intensive program challenges you to re-examine assumptions and cultural norms as well as think out of the box.

What to Expect:

1. Free 30 minute consultation

2. 2 self-assessment inventories

3. Meet each week for 10 weeks.

4. Homework assignment due weekly. 

5. End of program review and assessment.

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Power of Ten Principles


Power of Ten Principles Program

What our clients are saying about us!

Being a woman today is more demanding than ever. The pace, complexity, and uncertainty of your career, business, and personal life is perpetually changing. We know that any change can bring high levels of anxiety and stress. We make it easier because we facilitate an exploration process that results in innovation and achievement. Your success as an entrepreneur is directly tied to personal and leadership development. It takes time and experience develop a profitable and sustainable business. 
At Go Women Global, we understand that women face specific challenges due to their gender which can be complicated by race, religion, and/or social class. Our comprehensive approach to mentoring and training embraces this reality.

Innovative Coaching 

"Fatima Salaam is an amazing coach. I'm the kind of person for whom overly positive, sunshine-y, only-the-good-stuff talk actually has a depressing effect on me. Your willingness to share your REAL life experiences, show some warts and demonstrate how this is a continuing life journey not a destination has been exactly what I needed. 

I wish I had more women like you in my life on a daily basis. "
- Gretta Orazen

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